Curtain Walling Dubai

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Curtain Walling Dubai

Curtain Walling Dubai

The exterior walls referred to as a curtain wall system, are non-structural and serve only to keep the weather out. Because curtain walling Dubai is non-structural, the curtain wall can be fashioned of lightweight materials, saving construction costs. Natural light can permeate more profound into the structure when glass is used in the curtain walling Dubai, which is a significant benefit. The curtain wall facade's dead load weight is the same as its dead load weight. The wall transfers horizontal wind loads incident to the main building structure via connections at floors or columns. A curtain wall is designed to withstand external elements like moisture, dust, water, and air penetration, wind and seismic forces acting on the structure, and dead load weight forces.

Curtain Walling Dubai

Unitized curtain walling Dubai is a building envelope that can support its weight and withstand the effects of external elements such as wind pressure and accommodate building motions such as seismic, slab deflections, and column shortening. The unitized curtain walling Dubai system comprises an aluminum frame (mullions, transoms, sill, and gutter) and infill panels (glass, metal, and stone). Before being brought to the job site in stillages, the frame and infill panel are prefabricated and preassembled in the factory.

The majority of the work in unitized curtain walling Dubai systems is done in a controlled setting in the factory, resulting in high quality and finish. Classic Construct Services offers pressure equalized (ventilated) and face sealed Classic Construct Servicespoke unitized curtain wall systems to suit the project environment. The pressure balanced (ventilated) unitized curtain walling Dubai system is recommended and used in hot climates like GCC countries. In contrast, the face-sealed unitized curtain wall system is recommended for cold countries.

CCS will design the system and assist the client in selecting the appropriate glass make-up and performance to achieve the required acoustical and thermal performance;and working in tandem with the building's heating/cooling system to avoid reaching the dew temperature on the internal face of the mullions, transoms, and glass to prevent internal condensation.

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